Reminiscing On Classic Home Stereo Components

A home stereo setup can be a collection of many types of components. A classic turntable for vinyl records (yes, people used to actually listen to vinyl!) can provide a signal for a modern digital amplifier. Likewise a classic stereo AM/FM receiver can power sleek modern speakers.

There are still quite a few purists who prefer to listen to their favorite classic music on vinyl. They say the sound is different. Unfortunately, every time you listen to a vinyl record the sound degrades slightly. The needle actually does a tiny amount of damage to the record. So they are correct when they say the sound is different. The fact is, a vinyl record will sound different every single time you listen to it and not necessarily for the better!

Back in the day, a stereo system was more than a source for sound. It was a beautiful piece of furniture that adorned a room. Amazing wood finished cabinets were not uncommon. You don’t see a lot of these anymore, but it is possible to find them.

These days a modern home stereo is judged more based on what you don’t see rather than what you see. Components are usually tucked away in a utility closet and speakers are designed to blend into the ceiling and walls, matching the d├ęcor.